19 Aug 2019

A Step Into Your Customer’s Shoes: Creating the Exceptional UX

If you want to create a holistic view of your consumer’s experience, use the Customer Journey Map. It is a combination of storytelling and visualization of user needs. These elements are two powerful toolkits that will help your team to focus directly on human behavior factors such as thoughts, actions, and emotions that are more […]

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30 Jul 2019

Trust Strategy: How To Achieve Customer’s Loyalty

No brand can force buyers to trust it. When the questions “should I choose a brand I have doubts about, or choose a brand I know is safe?” arises, consumers would prefer to select the last option. As a result, you must strategically plan how to introduce your brand to your target audience to reduce […]

26 Jun 2019

Rebranding Strategies: The Key Sequence for The Success of Your Brand

Your brand is your identity, story, and reputation. It distinguishes you from other companies, provides employee loyalty and attracts a target audience. Sometimes you need to strengthen your business by taking a new direction and rebranding the company. Rebranding is not only about refreshing the visual appearance of your company. This process involves such things […]

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10 Jun 2019

Get personalization, or How to use customers data wisely

One of the strongest weapons to get somebody’s heart is to pay further attention to their personality. That rule works everywhere, especially with the customers in your business, according to a daily publication at MarketingLand. You should give your subscriber or client a sense of care about his needs from your side. That is why […]

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30 Apr 2019

Technology makes your content better

If you want to tell people about your product, you need to market it. There are tons of different marketing techniques, but, no matter which ones you pick, you cannot do without well-designed, informative and appealing content.  Sure, businesses tend to invest more in content creation, however, money alone doesn’t secure the success. You need […]

15 Apr 2019

Generate, analyze and delegate: Future of marketing

The past 10-15 years brought a rapid change in availability and accessibility of information of all sorts – everything we need can now be found in a matter of a few seconds. Most services are just a few taps away. If we are looking for some product, it can be discovered, compared to others and […]

28 Mar 2019

What is a landing page and why you need one

Essentially, a landing page is any page online where your customers can “land” once they click on a paid promotion link. It is, in a way, similar to a storefront. It goes without saying that, if your storefront is not very clean, misleading or too flashy, you have a very low chance of getting new […]

18 Mar 2019

Сontent marketing spend will double by 2020. Why does it matter?

Yahoo reported that next year marketers will be investing twice as much into content marketing as they did before. This meant that, in Europe alone, people will spend at least €2M on quality promotional content in 2020. Why is content marketing on the rise? it’s an established way to educate, entertain and promote it’s not […]

05 Mar 2019

Marketing framework mixture of social advertising and email marketing

Advertising is surprisingly similar to building a house. You need to plan thoroughly, make sure all your efforts work well together and, of course, use a proper tool for each task you complete. Yet, when it comes to real-life advertising strategy for a business, many people seem to be overusing one tool because they know […]

24 Jan 2019

Might be the right time to take care of targeting

Proper configuration of targeted advertising is one of the most difficult tasks in social networks. It’s not enough just to press the “Promote” button under the post. Well, we wish it was ( : You need to test the audience, try different types of content, track the results and constantly invent new strategies. It’s all about […]