26 Jun 2019

Rebranding Strategies: The Key Sequence for The Success of Your Brand

Your brand is your identity, story, and reputation. It distinguishes you from other companies, provides employee loyalty and attracts a target audience. Sometimes you need to strengthen your business by taking a new direction and rebranding the company. Rebranding is not only about refreshing the visual appearance of your company. This process involves such things […]

24 Jan 2019

Might be the right time to take care of targeting

Proper configuration of targeted advertising is one of the most difficult tasks in social networks. It’s not enough just to press the “Promote” button under the post. Well, we wish it was ( : You need to test the audience, try different types of content, track the results and constantly invent new strategies. It’s all about […]

17 Jan 2019

5 Marketing Trends to Follow in 2019

This year is considered to be the year of big changes in marketing. Ambassadors will be replaced by Influencers. Everyone starts streaming and watching the vertical video. Voice search is getting widespread. Even the marketing itself has changed: instead of traditional tools, companies are developing digital directions and data analytics. Chatbots By the end of […]