If you want to tell people about your product, you need to market it. There are tons of different marketing techniques, but, no matter which ones you pick, you cannot do without well-designed, informative and appealing content.  Sure, businesses tend to invest more in content creation, however, money alone doesn’t secure the success.

You need to make sure that you are making the right things, showing them to the right people and getting a positive response from them. You cannot – and don’t have to – do this alone. The 21st century brought us a whole toolkit of apps and services that help you fine-tune your content in no time. Here are just some of the ways in which you can enhance your content with technology.

Analyze data

By now, you have most likely heard about Google Analytics – a set of tools designed to help you track, who came to your website, where they came from and where they clicked. It’s also where you can learn how well your content is doing as it gathers all the necessary info on custom landing pages and custom URLs you created. You may also be using an alternative analytics tool – or even more than one.

Just getting the data doesn’t do the trick. You need to actually analyze it and make changes based on the analysis. People don’t finish reading your blog article? Try making the next one shorter. No one clicks the links you share? Research the topics which are interesting for your target audience. Data is a tool and it’s useless if you don’t make conclusions based on it.

Segment and Personalize

With data at your service, you have a possibility to properly segment your audience. Start with those whom you know the most – your current customers. It is easy if you have a customer relationship management system. Services like Intercom or Pipedrive help you automate many business-related functions, including customer segmentation based on their activity.

Once you break your audience down in groups, you can generate more personalized content based on the status of each of your customers. With potential customers, go for entertaining content. Got cart abandoners? Tell them about the benefits of using your product. For those who recently bought from you, send out upsell offers and discounts for their next purchase.

Automate content distribution

Social media management and e-mail marketing are effective. Also, they are time-consuming, and, the more content you generate, the longer it takes to properly distribute it all across all the available channels. Hiring an assistant may help, but just temporarily.

The real solution is, you guessed it, automated content distribution – anything from manually scheduled Facebook posts to full automation with services like Hootsuite and Buffer. You should also explore the apps and programs that let you send highly personalized emails and messages with the content you make.

New marketing opportunities come every day. You can constantly research and apply them – or trust your business to marketing professionals. Design, automate and improve your marketing strategy with Black87.

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