One of the strongest weapons to get somebody’s heart is to pay further attention to their personality. That rule works everywhere, especially with the customers in your business, according to a daily publication at MarketingLand. You should give your subscriber or client a sense of care about his needs from your side. That is why using cold e-mails with “hello, customer” subject line is forbidden, and useless!

How can the marketer pay more attention to his client? The answer is simple: through personalization. And what does it mean?

Personalization is the way of understanding how to satisfy each subscriber individually, using his data, with specific kits. You should be well informed about important digital data to make content that reaches the target. For example, you should be aware of how the client interacts with your site. If you make your content relevant for each person using specifically his or her data- there are more chances your subscriber will become a permanent customer.

Except for showing items that customers have already looked or booked at your site, there are several techniques to make them interested in dealing with you. Expand your creative space by using the data that already in place and get new data! It is as simple as ABC. Therefore, let’s take a look at basic ways of e-mails personalization.

•    Program of loyalty and bonuses

Receiving bonuses and gaining extra points can make your customer more excited about a purchase. As well, the possibility of increasing the profit can be a strong motivation to visit your site and make another deal. An analysis of a person’s behavior on your site can help you understand his needs and provide the best quality service.

Visual methods, such as highlighting the client’s progress in the status bar, showing the received bonuses or coupons from purchases work well. Besides, offering additional bonuses for reaching the next steps or levels or inviting friends can also play an advertising role.

•    Name personalization: Say my name, and I’ll listen to you.

Simple truth: a sense of importance is a great pleasure. Especially when you are important to the seller- it creates the guarantee that you will receive all the best. And satisfied customers are potentially returned customers. Creating a reliable relationship between client and seller starts with the use of shoppers’ names not only in the heading or body of e-mail but also within the imagery. Such integration is successfully used by companies and brands, for example via personal monograms on bags, wallets, gadgets and thousands of other items. That creates the feeling that each client is unique.

•    To get new personal data: different ways, creative thoughts

Need more information about your clients? Try to find out it, using such methods as Preference centers or Gamification.

What is the point?

The preference center is a way to create a base of things the client is interested in. It can be done by asking customers what they prefer.

The gamification is effective in cases when clients don’t want to share their private information. This method allows the shopper not only to feel safe but also to get a reward for any additional information they provide to you.

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