Essentially, a landing page is any page online where your customers can “land” once they click on a paid promotion link. It is, in a way, similar to a storefront.

It goes without saying that, if your storefront is not very clean, misleading or too flashy, you have a very low chance of getting new customers.

A landing page is different from a homepage

Many people are convinced that their landing page is what the customers see when they open the company website. While, in a way, it’s true, landing pages don’t necessarily have to be the homepage of your site – or be accessible directly from your website.

A landing page is a well-focused webpage that should get a visitor to perform a specific action. This can be (but isn’t limited to) buying a subscription, signing up for a newsletter, using a special offer etc.

Why you need a landing page

When a customers come to your website, they may get overwhelmed by information or distracted by some content that doesn’t directly lead to a sale – for example, they may find out that you have an interesting blog or featured an interesting partner material. Landing pages allow you to concentrate all the customer’s attention on accomplishing one specific task – namely, clicking on the button with a strategically placed call to action.

The landing page you create is a step in a carefully designed sequence. It can be something like “Customer sees an ad with a special offer” -> “Customer clicks on the ad and goes to a landing page” -> “Customer learns necessary info from the page and clicks on “Buy” button” -> “Customer gets a product and you get profit”

You may need more than 1 landing page

Depending on how advanced your marketing strategy is, you may need up to 5-10 different landing pages (some companies use as many as 40). They may be focused on special days (e.g. Father’s Day promo), events (24-hour flash sale) or blog/email list subscriptions. Diversification is the key to success.

Ask for professional help

Creating landing pages is hard, but manageable. The real challenge is to properly measure their performance, make conclusions and use them to do better marketing. All this may sound complicated, but, luckily, you can get a helping hand from professionals. Check out our recent brief overview, skilled experts at Black87 can help you create all the landing pages your business need and properly integrate them into your marketing strategy.

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