This year is considered to be the year of big changes in marketing. Ambassadors will be replaced by Influencers. Everyone starts streaming and watching the vertical video. Voice search is getting widespread. Even the marketing itself has changed: instead of traditional tools, companies are developing digital directions and data analytics.


By the end of 2018, users have realized that chatbots are the most convenient method of communication. About 1.4 billion people already interact with chatbots, and 80% of brands are using or planning to implement them by 2020.

Interactive video content & IGTV

This trend will significantly influence the world of marketing throughout the year. Video already occupies a leading position in the ranking of content formats. 2019 – is the year of confident movement towards interactivity.

In the past video was one of the aspects of marketing strategy. Now, the whole strategy for video is a must. Users spend hours watching videos every day. Less people switch from mobile devices to traditional ways (such as TV) of streaming video content. Considering how rapidly Instagram is developing, don’t underestimate this new feature – mobile video platform.

Beacon technology

Beacon technology is similar to GPS. It is very important for businesses, especially retail. How does it work? First, the user has to install the brand application. Then it will be possible to monitor movements, determine the most popular store departments and usual hours when the client is nearby. All thise data helps brands to develop valuable personalized offers.

Voice search

It is already confirmed that by 2020 50% of all search requests will be made using voice. Voice queries are more frequent than regular ones, and their average length is about twice as long: from 1-3 words in a print search, it grows to 3-5 words in a voice search. Voice content transformation can be one of the main trends this year. Marketing tools will be integrated with voice services: there will be a variety of applications for voice shopping, ordering food and searching fornews. Thereforeit’s quite important to get ready and conduct SEO optimization of websites for voice search.

Predictive analytics

For a long time, user behaviour analytics remained not fully transparent. Marketers didn’t provide predictive solutions, instead, they preferred to concentrate on creativity and content. Today, data analysis helps to predict user behaviour, determine interests, and create a unique marketing strategy. It is already possible to find the topic of the podcast or live video content based on predictive analysis.