Advertising is surprisingly similar to building a house. You need to plan thoroughly, make sure all your efforts work well together and, of course, use a proper tool for each task you complete. Yet, when it comes to real-life advertising strategy for a business, many people seem to be overusing one tool because they know how to use it – and completely ignore the rest. This approach is just about as wrong as painting a wall with a hammer.

This is why it is extremely important to find the right balance between using two or more ad tools to get the maximum possible benefits. You can start by combining two simple, yet effective ways of promoting your product: social advertising and email marketing. It may seem that these channels have very little in common, however, there are ways in which they perfectly complete each other.

Use Lead ads to capture e-mails

There is a convenient way to get email addresses of people who are genuinely interested in your brand and your products – running Lead ads. It is a type of promotion that combines engaging image/video, catchy text and an offer to sign up for your newsletter that appears where people tend to go the most – on social media like Facebook and Instagram. For the user, it’s faster than filling out forms on your website. For you, it’s a sign that your potential customers really want to know more about your company.

Upload e-mail lists to create ad audiences

Both Google and Facebook will allow you to upload a list of your customers’ emails and create a highly-targeted audience. You may then use this audience to share educational content that would be irrelevant if shown to a broader audience. Another way to benefit from such audience is to show them a special promo featuring a discount or a free shipping option – this also helps foster customer loyalty as the offer you are sharing is more personalized than just another ad.

Feature your recent blog posts and videos in a newsletter

If you invest time and money into producing relevant content for your brand media, why not give it some extra exposure? Not all of your customers are subscribed to your YouTube channel or blog on Medium, so take some extra time to design a weekly or monthly newsletter featuring the best, most relevant articles and videos you’ve recently published.

Create posts offering to sign up for your newsletter

Some social media like Twitter and Instagram only let you share a very limited amount of content at a time. Yet, you can use both to promote your newsletter – just make a post with a description of the emails you send out (or, maybe, a small teaser) and don’t forget to include the sign-up link.

No matter what advertising tools you pick, you should remember that consistency is key. Make the posts systematic, produce quality content and share it on a weekly (or monthly basis). The effort you make will be generously compensated with new leads who convert to happy, loyal customers.

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